IR Camera

Thermography - The Standard

Other inspectors may perform an excellent visual inspection. We go beyond what is visible.  We will do our inspection with the typical visual spectrum and will include what you cannot see, infrared.  As science teachers, we understand the science and importance of IR technology.  Using infrared will allow us to see water where the naked eye will not; it will enable us to view insulation problems were our competitors cannot, and will give you a complete inspection, beyond a visual inspection.  


Thermography (IR) - The Standard

What others see


Our camera goes past what others see. 

What we see


In addition to seeing what everyone else sees, to include yourself, we see the difference in heat signatures.  

What we see


We see your how water tank as this... Not how it looks, How it functions. 

We see water where others do not


We see the water where others do not.  Water evaporates, leaving a cool area that can only be seen by IR.  We see this.  

Overloaded circuits?


We see where breakers are overloaded before a fire occurs.



We can see where your heat is going.